Migrant crisis creates chaos in Greece
A stranded Afghan family rests on Victoria square in Athens, Greece REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis

Two young men, believed to be brothers from Pakistan, attempted to hang themselves in one of the central squares of Athens as the situation in the country continues to deteriorate. The two men were seen fashioning home-made nooses before trying to hang themselves from a tree in Victoria Square before being cut down and rushed to hospital where fortunately both survived.

Bystanders said the men, who apparently had recently arrived in the city from the Aegean, were frustrated at delays preventing them moving north to the more affluent countries of northern Europe. Both men were taken to hospital, one unconscious, where they were later released. A police spokesman told al Jazeera: "It [the suicide attempt] happened at midday in Victoria Square. They probably wanted to show their objection with the fact that they cannot leave [Greece]."

Psychiatrist Yiannis Chatzidakis said such actions were understandable given the worsening situation. "I am not surprised by the fact that people who are under such psychological pressure can commit such desperate acts," said Chatzidakis. "The situation is increasingly becoming worse ... I don't find it strange that hopeless people with no 'home' are willing to attempt to cut razor wire fences or even commit acts - irregardless if they have mental health issues or not."

The strain on EU member countries became even more evident as Macedonia practically sealed its border and Greece recalled its ambassador to Austria in what was described as an unprecedented move. Other EU members are also falling out over how to deal with the crisis as thousands of new arrivals enter Europe via Greece and Italy every day. At least 100,000 have landed since the beginning of 2016, and at least 413 have died in the attempt. In 2015 at least 3,771 people died attempting to reach Europe.

In France a court ordered the demolition of the southern half of "The Jungle," where thousands of refugees are waiting to reach Britain. Refugee groups immediately said they would appeal the decision before the demolition gets underway. The migrant crisis is likely to play an important part in the UK's referendum on whether to remain in Europe on 23 June, as new figures show a third of a million people were added to the UK population in 2015.