Mike Tindall reportedly received the biggest cheer when he joined the royal family for the Christmas walk to St. Mary Magdalene.

The royal family finally got together for Christmas this year following two years of COVID-19 restrictions. They continued the tradition of walking towards the church at the Norfolk home of Queen Elizabeth II for Christmas mass.

King Charles and Camilla led the walkabout, followed by Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their three children, Princes George and Louis, and Princess Charlotte. Prince Andrew, his daughters Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice with their respective husbands were there too as well as Prince Edward, his wife Sophie, and their two children. Last to walk were Mike and Zara Tindall who brought their two daughters.

Karen Anvil, a 44-year-old NHS worker from King's Lynn, told the BBC that Mike, who recently appeared on "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!" received the biggest cheer from the crowd as he walked past. He looked dapper in a grey suit next to his wife Zara, who also wore a grey trench coat.

Anvil also observed that this year's Christmas walkabout had a "different vibe" and that it "was very, very, different to years in the past" possibly because of the absence of Queen Elizabeth II. There was also an increased security and police presence, yet she also described it as "pleasant."

"The crowd wasn't as big. It was full, but it wasn't as deep and it was quieter. When they come out they usually work the crowd. They stopped but it was extremely brief - they weren't rude at all, but it was rushed," she said.

Anvil added, "I don't know if they [the Royal Family at the church] were worried about the reception, but the crowd were fine and there was no booing."

Mike had opened up about how this year would be a "very different" Christmas for the royals in an episode of his podcast "The Good, The Bad & The Rugby." When asked by co-host Alex Payne about the celebrations, he said he is "looking forward to it" adding, "Obviously, there's a lot of change, there's lots of firsts."

Mike Tindall
Mike Tindall