Miley Cyrus, who has no shortage of tattoos on her body, has once again got herself inked on her left arm. The Wrecking Ball singer shared a picture of the tattoo of a certain planet on Instagram but there seemed to be a slight problem.

The 23-year-old made a mistake with her photo caption while sharing the image on 27 April. She captioned the photo: "permaaaa skinnnnn arrrrrttttt by daaaa mosssst bad a$$ @laurenwinzer." "#lilbbJupiter." The tattoo has a visible ring around it, which only Saturn is known for having. Jupiter does have rings around it due to dust and minute particles but it is pretty had to see.

Some fans of Miley were quick to spot the mistake and alert her, while some mocked her.

A fan wrote: "That's pretty sad when you don't even know what tattoo you just got." While another said: "LOOKS LIKE IT WAS DONE BY A FOUR YEAR OLD AND FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT KEEP INSISTING IT IS JUPITER BECAUSE MILEY SAID SO , SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT HAS RINGS."

However, there were some fans who defended the singer as well. One fan fought back others who were poking fun at the error. "Why don't you buy a book about space. You need one considering this is Jupiter," the fan wrote.

Soon after coming to know of her mistake, Miley made some changes to the caption. The photo caption now reads: "permaaaa skinnnnn arrrrrttttt by daaaa mosssst bad a$$ @laurenwinzer." One of her fan after noticing the changed wrote: "Omg she changed the caption so I doesn't say Jupiter."

permaaaa skinnnnn arrrrrttttt by daaaa mosssst bad a$$ @laurenwinzer 🍄🦄🍕🐸🌻💕 #stonerasfuck

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