Benedict Allen
Benedict Allen on his recent return to PNG for BBC Two

The missing British explorer Benedict Allen has been found "alive and well" on 16 November, after going missing in Papua New Guinea.

According to the BBC, he has requested a rescue after being found alive at an airstrip on the island.

Allen, 57, had set out to find the remote Yaifo tribe of headhunters, and was dropped into the dense jungles via helicopter in mid-October.

After being dropped off into the forest, he lost contact with the outside world, sparking concerns about his welfare.

He had been expected to return to the island's capital, Port Moresby on Sunday (12 November) where he was due to take a flight to Hong Kong, but never made it.

He was on the island to visit the Yaifo tribe, who he first met 30 years ago, and was hoping to discover how they had developed over that time.

In his last tweet from 11 October, Allen wrote: "Marching off to Heathrow. I may be some time."

The explorer is known for his extreme challenges which have previously included trekking across the Amazon Basin by foot and canoe.

While there, he took part in a male initiation ceremony which saw crocodile marks carved into his body.

Allen is married to Lenka Allen, with whom he has three children – 10-year-old Natalya, seven-year-old Freddie, and two-year-old Beatrice.