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Modern family Season 6 poster ABC

ABC's Emmy winning comedy, Modern Family, is far from getting cancelled.

A fake report saying Modern Family is cancelled created panic among the show's loyal fans after show stars Eric Stonestreet (Cameron Tucker), posted a link to the bogus report on Twitter this Friday.

He tweeted:

The headline of the fake story read: "Whoa: ABC Just Canceled Modern Family In Order To Teach People That Something You Love Can Be Taken From You With No Warning Whatsoever".

The fake story was part of Halloween mischief, which also included false statements from an ABC Executive Leon Kisch, reported E! News

"We are sad to cancel the show modern family, as its favorite, but people need to be taught the things you cherish suddenly somehow taking away your control is inherent in life," read a false statement from Kisch.

"Fans of the show are better and faster learning, rather than later, so they are ready when it went to the rest of their lives."

Later Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitchell Pritchett, also cleared that the show was not cancelled.

Here are a few fan tweets on the fake news: