A Modern Family feud? Not really! The star of the hit ABC show Julie Bowen has addressed rumours that she is feuding with co-star Sofia Vergara on the Modern Family set, while appearing on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show.

Bowen told host Ellen, "Every night I get a call or email that says, 'So-and-so trash mag will be running a story that you are icy to Sofía Vergara because you are jealous of her fame. So I email her last night and then we talk and I'm like, 'What should I say?' because we're friends."

She added [in Vergara's signature Colombian accent], "Sofia goes, 'Ay, please. Just borrow my blouse!' So I'm borrowing her blouse."

The 46-year-old actress blamed the internet for such fake rumours. "You don't have to have the truth anymore; you just have to have the internet. You can just make up anything. I'm an alien. You're a two-headed cat from outer space," she added.

Back in 2013, Bowen addressed the same rivalry rumours and told OMG Yahoo, "You can't have two females on a show without wondering if there's some sort of rivalry."

She added, "Everybody wanted to think [at the beginning of the show], I imagine, that she must be a handful because of the way she looks, and she's not a handful except for a handful of delight." Bowden plays Claire Dunphy and Vergara plays Claire's step-mother, Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, in Modern Family season 8, which airs every Wednesday at 9pm EST on ABC Network.