London Tube
A sign for the London Underground tube system in London (stock image). Reuters

Only a few lucky people that can claim they have never forgotten anything behind them in London's transport system. A scarf, an umbrella, a book a… sex toy?

It sounds peculiar but some people have left their battery-operated friend on a train or a bus before. A total of 35 people in 2016 alone, to be exact. The figures were reported by The Sun.

The toys were handed to the Transport for London Staff, with 15 returned to their rightful owners.

Other uncommon items found on the London transport system included 4 instances of lost Viagra tablets. Those, it appears, were not claimed.

According to the Sun, 135 wigs were also abandoned on the underground, with only 14 claimed.

In 2016, manager of the Lost Property Office Paul Cowan told Metro that they found all sorts of things on the London network, including "enough musical instruments to form a band."

But wait, there's more. Metro reported that a prosthetic leg had been found on the Tube. Yes. A leg. An urn containing ashes was also returned to its owner seven years after it was handed to Transport for London.

"The number of properties lost is fascinating, every day we're getting well over 1,200 items of property found across the network, it's staggering," Cowan said.

Each year, Transport for London releases a report on the lost properties it collects from the Tube and the buses that roam the British capital

Its latest data stated that 309,752 items had been forgotten on the Tube from 1st March 2015 to 30 April 2016. That includes 32.929 telephones, about a hundred a day. Only 21.3% of the diverse objects have been claimed or returned.

Transport for London auctions the lost property that has not been claimed each year. In the last three years, they have raised more than a million pounds by doing so. The proceeds of these annual auction are then used to fund the Tube's Lost Property Office.