James Gorman
James Gorman, chief executive of Morgan Stanley, said he finds bitcoin "totally surreal" and hopes regulators look at it Reuters

Morgan Stanley boss James Gorman has revealed he is puzzled by the "totally surreal" cryptocurrency bitcoin.

The US investment banking honcho's comments follow claims that the mysterious founder of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, has been unmasked as a 64-year-old model train enthusiast living in Los Angeles who goes by the same name. He denies any involvement.

There has also been the high-profile meltdown of the MtGox exchange in Japan, which collapsed and filed for bankruptcy protection after hackers stole 850,000 bitcoins - leaving investors out of pocket.

"I'm not sure I understand it. I mean, it is totally surreal. I mean, who's the founder, this guy in LA. What's going on with Mt. Gox?" said Gorman on the Fox Business Network.

"I mean, there are so many moving parts. Let's just say I would think and hope that the regulators are paying a lot of attention to it."

Bitcoins can be 'mined' by computers solving complex mathematical equations. There are only 21 million bitcoins to be mined. No more will be issued once all have been acquired.