Mother, who allowed boyfriend to rape her daughters, imprisoned for 10 years REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

The Franklin County Common Pleas court has sentenced a 44-year-old mother of two to 10 years in prison, after she failed to stop her boyfriend from raping her daughters repeatedly. Tracey Glover of Columbus, Ohio was handed the sentence as part of a deal for testifying against her 55-year-old boyfriend identified as Alberto Hernandez.

The horrific incident came to light when one of the daughters narrated the horrifying ordeal to a friend's mothers. Glover was found guilty in January on two counts of rape, where she allowed Hernandez to physically assault her daughters – then aged 13 and 8. Prosecutors found that the assaults had happened between 9 June 2014 and 4 February 2015.

The woman's boyfriend was convicted of the crime on 31 May and was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

Prosecutors revealed that when girls were raped Glover would be present with them in bed and on one occasion she even held one of the victims' arm to "quiet her down".

Glover, who testified against Hernandez said, "I'm not a perfect mom, but I've always been there for them," ABC 6 reported.

"My daughters mean everything to me. I would die for them. I can't justify what I did," she added. The woman also mentioned that she loved her daughters and wished to be reunited with them.

Meanwhile, Judge Chris Brown of the Franklin court, who sentenced Hernandez on 31 May, dismissed her plea and said that her daughters "didn't mean enough" to her.

The judge said, "I'd recommend you let them reach out first. If they want a relationship with you after this, you should let them initiate that."

During the trial, it was found that Glover had previously suffered from psychosis, drug and alcohol addiction. The report also stated that she was sexually abused as a child and was the victim of domestic violence by several men in her life, including Hernandez.