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Just a couple of days ago, little Prince George melted hearts through his adorable handwritten letter to Father Christmas wishing for a police car as his Christmas gift. Miles away in the US, a six-year-old boy too wrote to Santa Clause, but instead of revealing his secret wish, the child told Santa "your life is empty".

Written in misspelled words, the tot's letter was shared on Twitter by his mother, Sarah McCammon, who described her son as a "Santa skeptic" as he does not believe in the existence of the big, old, fat man in a red cloak and white beard.

"My 6yo Santa skeptic was told to write a letter to Santa at school. So he did," she wrote as she shared a photo of the letter.

"Im only doing this for the class. I know your notty list is emty. And your good list is emty. And your life is emty. You dont know the troubles Ive had in my life. Good bye," the little boy's letter read. He refused to sign the note with his name and wrote, "Love, Im not telling you my name".

The kid scribbled some images all through the margin area of his note to Santa, and said in a that those were "wreaths and skulls".

The tweet has since been retweeted more than 22,000 times and has left internet users in splits. "Strong views expressed with love," one commented on the letter. "I think if a six-year-old told me my life is "emty" in that ruthlessly honest way kids speak, I would really have to take a hard look at myself and search for where I lost my way," added another.

Many could not help but notice the "trouble" mentioned by the little boy and his reporter mum replied to the curiosities saying: "The "troubles" in his life? His brother. Don't call child services."

The funny letter also prompted other mums to share memorable letters their children wrote. "Similarly, in 2nd grade, my daughter's response to a personal essay assignment was, "I do not like to share personal details," one Twitter user wrote.

The letter, however, is a contrast to the young British royal's innocent letter, in which he claimed he has been nice all through the year and wants a police car from Santa this Christmas.

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Prince George attending nursery last year. Getty Images