Sam Faiers is the yummy mummy that has transformed from being an Essex party girl getting into all sorts of trouble on TOWIE to becoming a doting mother to baby Paul and budding YouTube sensation.

The 26-year-old reality television star – who is the ex-girlfriend of the likes of Joey Essex and Mark Wright – is now embarking on a very different type of television show, The Mummy Diaries, with its third series returning to ITVBe on 12 April.

It will show how Faiers is embracing parenthood with her partner Paul Knightley who, according to the reality star, is featured a lot more this time around. She claims he feels more "comfortable" in front of the camera following that dreaded kiss with his mother in a past episode.

Speaking exclusively to IBTimes UK ahead of the series launch, Faiers excitedly discussed what is to come, her temporary move to Los Angeles and the reasons behind it. Zoella should be worried, let's put it that way.

Long-time Essex resident Faiers also revealed that she and her new family had moved to Hertfordshire ahead of the LA stint.

My Baby nephew Arthur 💙 i love you so much you perfect little darling... so excited to go on holiday with you soon ☺☀️

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She said: "There is a lot going on this series. I have just moved house, so I've moved from Essex to Hertfordshire. My sister (Billie Faiers) also has baby Arthur, which is huge as it follows her pregnancy, and we go to LA which is a huge part of the series. It's been such good fun."

Moving away from Essex was about a fresh start, prompted by Knightley. She added: "I have lived in Essex my whole life and Paul and I just wanted a fresh start for our family. We wanted to kind of get out of the bubble and just try somewhere new. Hertfordshire is not a million miles away, it's only half an hour from Essex!

Getting down to the nitty gritty, the TV star opened up about her reasons for moving across the pond, albeit for a short period of time. She cites that the lifestyle, people, and the organic living attracted her to LA life.

On the reason behind the move, she said: "Paul and I are not committing to living out there forever – but we do want to spend time out there. We want to be going between countries whilst the baby is not in school, so we have a few years to play with.

"We just love the weather, the people, and I just love the organic lifestyle out there – it's so me. There are also so many opportunities out there and people are so encouraging. It's such a nice lifestyle, and being in the sunshine is a top priority for me."

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Talking of LA opportunities, Faiers is setting her sights on becoming a big YouTube star, focusing on motherhood before her interests including fashion and beauty.

She revealed: "I recently got signed by an agency called StyleHaul and they are like a big digital company out there. They look after big YouTubers like Zoella and lots of big American Youtubers.

"My kind of space would be the 'mum market' and it will be all about growing my (YouTube) channel and collaborating with American brands, getting me to the right places and events, and so on. It's a process and it is not going to happen overnight – I have a YouTube channel but it hasn't launched yet so they are going to help build it for me – and I will get to go out to LA and spend more time there."

But in terms of content, Faiers' niche is indefinitely motherhood and how she balances life as a working mum. She added: "My channel involves a bit of everything – I love fashion, beauty and food – but it will always come back to being a mum."

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Faiers claimed during the interview that there is no way she will ever return to the show that made her, TOWIE, because she is in "a different place" now.

"I'm in a completely different part of my life now. When I started it, I was 19. I'm 26 now, I've got a baby, I've got my own series about being a mum so I'm in a different part of my life. I just want to keep going forward and following my dreams, and my dream is to be working and living in America and growing my businesses and brands."

Stay tuned for the second part of our interview with Sam Faiers this week.

The Mummy Diaries returns to ITVBe at 9pm on 12 April.