After a gap of almost a year, Mr Robot returns with season 3 this Wednesday (11 October) at 10 pm EST on the USA Network. Fans will finally have a clear idea about the fate of the show's lead character Elliot Alderson, who was last seen getting shot by Tyrell in the season 2 finale.

The premiere episode is titled, Eps3.0power-saver-mode.h, and according to the official plot description, "Elliot realises his mission, and needs help from Angela; Darlene worries about them coming out clean."

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USA Networks recently released the first seven minutes of the season 3 premiere, which features the debut of Boardwalk Empire star Bobby Cannavale as a "used car salesman" named Irving, who is part of the Dark Army operation.

Tyrell is seen sobbing near Elliot' lifeless body, and telling Irving, "Thank God you are here. I don't know how it got to this. Please tell me you can help him, he can't die." Another person declares, "Well, he is kind of alive!"

But Tyrell pleads, "Please tell me, I need to know, is he is going to live?" Later in the preview, we see B D Wong's corporate emperor Whiterose and his right-hand man discussing the greater good of Elliot in regards to phase 2 of the mega E-Corp hack, and makes a cryptic comment about Elliot's fate, referring to his father.

"After Mr Alderson completes the great work we need form him, then he can die for us, just like his father," Whiterose says. Show creator Sam Esmail spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Elliot's journey in season 3.

He told the outlet, "I've looked back on the second season and I've seen a lot of similarities with The Empire Strikes Back, in terms of Luke/Elliot going away and isolating themselves, while their sister is out there and battling the evil empire."

He continued, "I think this is the return of Elliot. Season three, and the way I've been thinking about it, is sort of the return to Elliot — but not the naive Elliot we saw at the beginning of the season."

"It's the Elliot we've seen go through this horrific experience from the first and second seasons, and with all of that in mind, that's going to make this new Elliot come into fruition in the next season," the executive producer said about the hacker's journey.