Vietnam spaceball
A space ball confounds a resident in Vietnam World News Times via YouTube.

Bizarre giant "space balls" bombarded two provinces in Vietnam, leaving locals and scientists scratching their heads. Three metal balls — weighing 250 grams, six kilograms, and about 45 kilograms — crash-landed in two provinces. No one was reported to have been injured.

"The sky was clear, suddenly we heard a thunder-like noise," said one witness who saw a ball fall from the sky. The mysterious orbs were immediately seized for examination by Vietnam's Air Defence Arms, and the Ministry of Defence launched an investigation.

According to an initial assessment, the balls are "specialised compressed air tanks," possibly from a rocket, according to officials. They were burned on the outside and are not radioactive nor do they contain any material harmful to humans.

According to the BBC, they were made in Russia but may have been used by another country. One scientist believes they came from a satellite launch that somehow misfired because the balls were still intact and could not have plummeted from a great height, but there were no reports of a satellite launch at the time in the area.