Natalie Portman may be pregnant with her third child with husband Benjamin Millepied. The speculations rose thanks to recently leaked photos taken while she is in Australia.

The pictures shared by Page Six show the "Star Wars" alum sporting what appears to be a growing baby bump. She looks gym-ready in a blue tank top and leggings which she paired with a gray face mask and baseball cap. Two of the images show Portman from her side view and her pregnant belly is hard to miss.

The 39-year old is currently in Australia to film "Thor: Love and Thunder." If she is indeed pregnant, then perhaps she is still safe to perform some mild action scenes in the movie.

Leaked photos taken from the set of the Marvel film showed Portman riding a horse. She has a helmet on and a gray sweatshirt to cover what could be another hint at her pregnancy. Chris Hemsworth, Karen Gillan, and Sean Gunn were also spotted on the set. They did not wear protective masks but were in their respective character costumes.

The "Black Swan" star is already a proud mother to son Aleph, 9, and daughter, Amalia, 3, with her dancer husband. She even brought her family to Australia. They have been in the country for several months since September 2020.

In Tuesday's interview on Australia's "The Project," Portman shared that her kids have already somehow adapted to the local slang and lingo. She recalled one funny conversation with her daughter about ketchup on the way to school drop off. She had mentioned that they have already run out of it and Amalia asked, "Mummy, what's ketchup?" and she had to translate and tell her "tomato sauce," to which the kid replied, "oh!"

The Hollywood star and her family have reportedly been enjoying their stay in Sydney. She even enrolled her kids in an exclusive private school. She has managed to blend in with the locals despite her celebrity status.

As for being a mum, Portman admitted that it is something that she "could not live without." Perhaps being pregnant again with her third baby would be another welcome experience for her.

Natalie Portman
REUTERS/Mike Blake