NBA slam dunk record holder Nate Robinson will enter the ring as a professional boxer on November 28 against Jake Paul, during an undercard match for boxing legend Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

Nate Robinson holds the NBA record for slam dunk titles, winning the accolade three times in 2006, 2009, and 2010 while playing for the New York Knicks.

Jake Paul is a Disney talent and YouTube star who has recently started a career as a professional boxer. His showbiz career is marred with several controversies, including some criminal indictments. He started his boxing career last January, winning by knockout against fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib.

The 23-year-old YouTuber will fight against the 36-year-old Robinson, who says that he is enjoying his new endeavor and plans to fight several more times during his career. He is being trained by Francisco "Paco" Reyes of Tenochtitlan Boxing Club in Renton, Washington.

During an interview, Reyes was impressed with Robinsons' body conditioning despite his advanced age. They mainly focused on helping him learn to move his body in ways "he's never really done on the basketball court."

Robinson is only 5'9" and weighed less than 200 lbs. throughout his NBA career, a physique that would be considered small in the basketball league. However, after winning three slam-dunk championships, nobody questions his toughness and athleticism. He has the physical trait and mindset of a professional that got trainer Reyes interested in him.

According to ESPN, Robinson has been keeping himself busy playing basketball in other leagues, acting, and even collaborating with former NBA star Carlos Boozer in launching a clothing brand.

He is continuously looking for new challenges. When Robinson's manager Napoleon "Polo" Kerber met Paul at an event last year, the two started discussing the possibility of having Robinson debut as a professional boxer.

Robinson is excited at being able to get in the ring to fight in a sanctioned match. He claims that he is a lifelong fan of the sport and has been training how to fight since early childhood with his brother and father.

Robinsons' father, Jacque Robinson, is a Rose Bowl Hall of Famer and is personally acquainted with Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Both of whom the younger Robinson has met at an early age.

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