National Enquirer March issue
Newspaper publishes shocking images of Whitney Houston's daughter getting high on drugs and claims that they shared the same drug dealer. National Enquirer

Just days after the National Enquirer shocked fans by printing a cover photo of Whitney Houston's open coffin, the US scandal rag has set its sights on her daughter Bobbi Kristina with claims of drug abuse.

The US tabloid has run images of Bobbi Kristina allegedly getting high on drugs and downing shots of vodka and claims that the 19-year-old is in crisis.

Sources close to the Houston family have claimed that the tragic singer and her daughter used to share the same drug dealer before she passed away, the Enquirer has alleged.

Conflicting reports have been circulating about the origin of a video that appears to show Bobbi Kristina taking drugs.

Houston, 48, was founddead in a bathtub in a luxury hotel on the eve of the Grammy Awards in February.

Toxicology tests are being carried out.