Sports Interactive's life-absorbing management sim Football Manager is to be celebrated in a new exhibit at the National Video Game Arcade in Nottingham. The Beautiful Exhibition will look at the history and inner-workings of the game.

"The exhibition is going to be full of exclusive items from the Sports Interactive (SI) archives," reads a statement, "featuring design documents, research schemes and creative materials which have never been seen before.

"One of the most complex, comprehensive simulations ever to be loved by the public, this exhibition is going to explain how it works, how it's grown and how that all important final score is decided."

Football Manager: The Beautiful Exhibition will open on 8 September.

"Everyone on the SI team is hugely proud that a game which we started work on more than 25 years ago has now become a genuine cultural phenomenon," said SI director Miles Jacobson.

"The fact that FM is now going to be celebrated through the staging of an exhibition at the National Video Game Arcade shows it's become part of the fabric of gaming life."

This year's Football Manager title hasn't yet been announced, but SI and publisher Sega should have news sometime in August or September if recent years are indication.

"It's been a fantastic year for us and we're proud to be working with Miles and the Sports Interactive team on this flagship new project," said National Video Game Foundation CEO Iain Simons. "FM is one of those rare works of art that brings together audiences from all across society. It's really fitting that that we should be celebrating it at the NVA."

Hopefully the NVA dedicates a whole wing of the exhibit to Freddy Adu.