Nepal earthquake
Indian army soldiers carry an injured child, who was wounded in Saturday's (25 April) earthquake Reuters

An Indian spiritual leader and yoga guru has allegedly adopted some 500 Nepalese children who lost their families during a 7.9 magnitude earthquake that has claimed more than 4,400 victims in Nepal on 25 April.

It is believed that Baba Ramdev and the Patanjali Yogpeeth institute, which he founded, will provide the children with all the necessary assistance until the fifth standard, when they will be ten years old.

A Ramdev's spokesperson told Indian broadcaster IBN Live: "Yoga guru Ramdev adopted 500 orphan children in Nepal. Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust will provide immediate accommodation to them along with education, housing, food for free of cost till 5th standard."

The announcement came as aid agencies are struggling to deliver assistance in some areas, while reports warn that eight million people have been affected by the earthquake.

Sources on the ground told IBTimes UK that search and rescue operations are struggling to reach the Gorkha district, where some reports say that up to 75% of houses have been destroyed by the quake.

According to another report, thousands of Nepalese affected by the earthquake are expressing their frustration at the delay in which aids are being delivered, urging the government to step up the efforts to assist people.

"The government has not done anything for us," a volunteer told Reuters. "We are clearing the debris ourselves with our bare hands."

It is estimated that the cost of reconstruction could surpass $5bn (£3.2bn). If you want to donate to the victims of the earthquake, click here for a list of institutions involved in the assistance.