Netflix Shows
House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black and Stranger Things return with new seasons on Netflix this year Getty

Dozens of original new shows will be premiering on Netflix in 2017 along with several other returning TV series. With just a month and a half into the New Year, the streaming giant has already dropped the dates for the anticipated TV premieres this year and fans cannot be any happier.

From the US politics-centric drama House Of Cards to the prison saga Orange Is The New Black, here's a breakdown of all popular and brand new TV shows premiering on Netflix in 2017:

Project MC2 (season 4) – 14 February

McKeyla McAlister and her BFFs will be back in action when the Netflix original series returns on Valentine's Day. And rumour has it, that things are going to turn feisty between McKeyla and Kyle.

Chef's Table (season 3) – 17 February

Brace yourself, as the acclaimed docu-series returns with stories from the kitchens and personal lives of world's most renowned chefs.

Ultimate Beastmaster – 24 February

Love (season 2) – 10 March

Paul Rust and Judd Apatow's show Love will be back with a second season of true romantic stories.

Marvel's Iron Fist – 17 March (new show)

The upcoming Netflix show is set in the MCU and is one of the last superhero TV series before the final team-up in The Defenders. Finn Jones stars as Danny Rand / Iron Fist in the series, who uses his martial arts skills and calls upon the power of the Iron Fist to fight crime in the city of New York.

Julie's Greenroom – 17 March (new show)

Grace and Frankie (season 3) – 24 March

13 Reason Why – 31 March (new show)

Selena Gomez produced new Netflix show tells the story of a high-school student – Hannah Baker – who decides to commit suicide. She leaves behind 13 record tapes after her death for her friends, who have somehow influenced her tragic decision.

Bill Nye Saves the World – 21 April (new show)

Girlboss – 21 April (new show)

Based on Sophia Amoruso's autobiography, the new comedy series stars Britt Robertson in the lead role as she builds her fashion empire from the scratch, beginning with selling vintage clothes on eBay.

Dear White People – 28 April (new show)

The upcoming satirical Netflix show based on 2014 movie of the same name, tells the journey of a bunch of Winchester University students of color, who have to scrape through social injustice, cultural bias and more.

Casting JonBenet – 28 April (new show)

Sense8 (season 2) – 5 May

Anne – 12 May (new show)

House of Cards (season 5) – 30 May

Frank Underwood has to deal with the aftermath of Claire's absence and prepare for the upcoming elections in season 5.

Orange Is the New Black (season 5) – 9 June

Daya is on the verge of raising a riot in Litchfield after the tragic death of Poussey in the hands of one of the white guards.

Stranger Things (season 2) – 31 October

Everything is not fine with Will after his Upside Down trip, find out what happens to him as he coughs out unearthly creatures.