There are few people who can truthfully admit they never photograph their food, the rest of us just cannot help ourselves from reaching for our phones in a restaurant to snap a particularly enormous lobster claw or rainbow coloured masterpiece.

If #foodporn is what fills up your Instagram then Netflix may have the dream job for you. To celebrate the launch of a new season of the show, Chef's Table, the site is looking for an official Instagrammer to travel around the world and meet the world renowned chefs featured on the show to photograph their food. Yes, that is a real job.

If you have ever watched Chef's Table, it is primarily based around incredible images of some of the planet's most decadent and beautiful food, so if a perfectly poised prawn makes your day there could be a mouth-watering vacancy for you.

From Alex Atala's iconic Sao Paulo restuarant D.O.M to progressive chef Grant Achatz's Alinea there will certainly be a few more stamps added to your passport as well as a spike in your Instagram followers no doubt.

All you need to do to enter is upload your tastiest morsel of food photography to your Instagram with the hashtag #mychefstable and follow the relevant Netflix page.

The competition is moving around the world so head to the applications page to find out more. You will never feel guilty for photographing your food again.