Cyclist almost hit by train in Horsham
Footage of the moment a cyclist was almost run over by a speeding train Network Rail

CCTV footage from a West Sussex railway station has been released showing the moment a cyclist dashes across a railway track - only to stumble and miss being hit by a speeding train by just five seconds.

The man can be seen cycling on the platform at Littlehaven Station in Horsham, West Sussex before jumping off his bike to quickly dash across the track. But seconds later he trips and falls in front of an oncoming train.

The incident was filmed in 2011 and the man was prosecuted for malicious intention as he caused trains to be delayed. It was released by Network Rail to promote a new film called "No going back", which is targeted at school children aged 12 years old and older.

They hope to highlight how seemingly harmless pranks or jokes with friends can lead to fatal consequences.

Nicola Dooris, who is part of the team who created of the film, said: "Films like these are a great way to engage school children and really bring home how dangerous the railway can be.

"Many schools are located close to the railway track so we believe the behaviour shown in the film is something all children can identify with. We hope that everyone who sees this film will be able to put themselves in the character's shoes and realise that messing around near the track can have very dire consequences."

In the past five years, 142 people have been killed on the railways, many of them teenagers, and a further 254 have been injured.