Ethan Couch
'Afflueza teen' Ethan Couch had to give up his Rolex watch when he was unable to cover a $2,000 club bill in Mexico Reuters

New details have emerged about "affluenza teen" Ethan Couch's night out clubbing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Couch reportedly racked up a huge tab when he and his mother Tonya Couch went to a strip club called Harem on 23 December. Previous reports said the 18-year-old had attended the club by himself.

Club employees said the pair had drinks before Couch's mother left. The teen, who was very drunk, stayed and reportedly went to a VIP room with two women who worked at the club frequented by drug cartel boss El Chapo Guzman. Club employees said Couch racked up a $1,000 (£683) tab that included lap dances and drinks. It was previously reported that the tab was much higher at $2,000.

However, Couch was 6,000 pesos (£235, $345) short, so he had to be taken to his hotel by a club waiter to get the remaining money. ABC News reported that neither Ethan nor Tonya Couch were able to pay the remainder of the tab, so the teen was forced to hand over his Rolex watch as collateral. Club staff said he guaranteed he would repay his debt the following day. No one would see the Couches ever again.

Soon after the incident at Harem, the mother-son duo moved to a condo in Puerto Vallarta without notifying the hotel. Hotel staff realised the two were gone after the cleaning lady entered their room on 24 December and found they had left. They were arrested by Mexican authorities on 28 December.

While Tonya Couch was extradited to California on 30 December, Ethan Couch remains in Mexico. The teen was able to submit papers pushing for a stay of his deportation to the US and is now being held at a migrant detention center in Mexico City.

Tonya Couch, who is charged with hindering apprehension of a felon, is expected to be transported to Texas in the coming days. According to the Dallas Morning News, once she is booked into the Tarrant County Jail in Texas, a judge will decide if she can be released on bail, which is recommended at $1m. The 48-year-old faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Ethan Couch was sentenced to 10 years of probation for killing four people in a drink driving accident in 2013. He was able to get off on a lighter sentence after his defence team managed to convince the judge that he suffered from "affluenza" and could not be held accountable for his actions.