The Legend of Zelda Breath Wild screenshot
Another wide shot of Hyrule with a glimpse of what we assume is Hyrule Castle Nintendo

Nintendo has unveiled a brand new footage from its next highly anticipated entry in the beloved Legend Of Zelda series, Breath Of The Wild, during The Game Awards 2016's pre-show. The new trailer teases the first appearance of Princess Zelda.

The brief glimpse of the upcoming game shows off vast stunning vistas, diverse environments including picturesque towns and villages, NPCs, and airships.

This new footage was the first of two new looks, showcasing protagonist Link battling different creatures whilst riding his horse and exploring the stunning open world.

The character we can reasonably assume is Princess Zelda is seen briefly wearing a blue outfit similar to that of Link in other footage and promotional material.

"At E3 we showed the open-air adventure, but it was very limited specifically to Link's action, abilities and we focused in on the Plateau, which represents about 1% of the total world map," Bill Trinen, senior product marketing manager at Nintendo of America said.

"For this trailer, what we decided to do was give people a glimpse of what and who they may see out there in that worlds, away from the Plateau."

The second video is more gameplay focused, showing a new jungle environment and new enemy types.

At E3 2016, Nintendo revealed a gorgeous in-depth trailer featuring a massive open world and a series of exciting features that radically change the series from its last several entries. The game was initially revealed in 2013 as a title that would "re-think the conventions of Zelda."

Its release date, however, was delayed multiple times before the Japanese gaming giant announced in May that Breath Of The Wild will finally release next year "because the developers need more time to polish the game."

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is set to release in 2017 for Wii U and Nintendo Switch.