New Hampshire primary
People vote at a polling place at the Canterbury Town Hall polling station in Canterbury, New Hampshire February 9, 2016. Reuters
  • Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump won New Hampshire by double digits. Democrats head to Nevada for caucus on 20 February, while Republicans head to South Carolina for the primary.
  • The first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire began at midnight (9 February) in several locations and ended at 7pm EST (12am GMT).
  • Unlike in the Iowa caucus, undecided voters comprise of nearly 40% of the voters in the Granite State. Those votes were crucial in deciding who takes the state in each party.
  • For a complete breakdown of how the primaries work, check out our complete guide to the New Hampshire primary.

Final Results

★ New Hampshire primary winner


With over 88% reporting for both Democrats and Republicans, it's safe to call the New Hampshire primary has been won by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Thanks for following our live coverage and be sure to come back for continued coverage of the 2016 presidential election!


Former Hewlett-Packard CEO, and the only woman running for the Republican nomination, Carly Fiorina has vowed to remain in the race despite only winning a little over 4% of the votes in New Hampshire. "We have a long way to go in terms of knowing how things are going to exactly settle out, but we feel very encouraged," she said at a rally. "We are going to keep going."

Fiorina added, "I'm convinced this is my highest calling as a leader, and you have given me the energy and the determination and wind at our backs to continue this great fight."

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Looking ahead to the South Carolina primary, the Real Clear Politics averages have Donald Trump once again leading with double digits. A NBC News/WSJ/Marist poll in January found Trump ahead of Cruz by 16 points, 36% to 20%. They were followed by Rubio (14%) and Bush (9%). Of course, a lot has happened since the poll's release. Two of the candidates featured in the poll have dropped out, with three other candidates (Christie, Fiorina and Carson) potentially suspending their campaigns before South Carolina.


Note: The New Hampshire Republican primary requires candidates to earn 10% of the vote to take home any delegates. Candidates below 10%—in this case Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson—forfeit their percentages to the primary's winner: Donald Trump. Marco Rubio, currently sitting in fifth place with 80.33% reporting, barely passes the 10% mark with 10.5%.

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Fun fact: Bernie Sanders makes history as the first Jewish candidate to win a state primary.

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It seems Kasich not only took 2nd place in New Hampshire, but on Google too. Google Trends reveals the Ohio Governor was the second most searched Republican candidate, behind Donald Trump.


Instead of heading to Nevada ahead of the 20 February caucus, NH primary winner Bernie Sanders is traveling to New York City. His visit isn't for a fundraiser, but rather a breakfast with Rev Al Sharpton. Two people briefed with the meeting said the get together is set to take place at Sylvia's Restaurant in Harlem.

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Rubio acknowledges poor performance during Saturday's debate and promises "it will never happen again".


During his speech, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced he's heading to New Jersey tomorrow and await the full results. He implies that he will base his decision on whether he will continue in the race following the complete results.


Republicans are clearly already gearing up for a big fight in South Carolina. Bush spokesman Tim Miller spoke out against 2nd place winner John Kasich: "He doesn't have a constituency past New Hampshire. He does not have a viable path to the nomination, and he certainly does not have a viable path in South Carolina."

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham—who also ran as a Republican hopeful—is also stumping for Bush. "The best is yet to come, folks," he told reporters, adding that the "Bush family name is golden in my state."

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South Carolina is next for Republicans. Real Clear Politics reports Donald Trump leading there too:


I am going to be the greatest jobs as president that God ever created.

- Donald Trump


Watch the candidates give their speeches tonight:


New Hampshire, I want to thank you. I love you.

- Donald Trump delivering his victory speech


Taking a page out of the Huffington Post's handbook, the New York Daily News released a preview of its front page tomorrow.


Watch Bernie Sanders deliver his victory speech:


Trump and Sanders aren't the only ones celebrating tonight. ABC News has projected Kasich will take second place among Republicans, leading to his own celebrations.


I still love NH and I always will.

- Hillary Clinton speaking to supporters in New Hampshire following her loss




The Huffington Post isn't taking Trump's NH win all that well. The online news website, which early on decided to tag Trump campaign stories as "entertainment," quickly changed its front page after the bombastic real estate mogul was projected to win.

Huffington Post front page
Screenshot/Huffington Post


The Clinton campaign has officially sent out a memo regarding her loss in New Hampshire and says she is looking ahead to March.

The full memo:



Hillary Clinton's campaign has conceded the race, according to a BuzzFeed News reporter.


What's next for the candidates? Republicans are headed to South Carolina for a debate on 13 February and a primary election on 20 February. Meanwhile, Democrats head to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a 11 February debate before heading to Nevada for the Democratic caucus on 20 February.

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