What if the new iPad were available for just £49.99?!

Apple may have set the price for their new product at a certain price (£499.99) but online retailer Tesco seems to disagree and has set its own price... at a mere fraction of the original!

A report in the Daily Mail said Tesco Direct blamed the error on a technical glitch.

Unfortunately for both the company and their customers, the Tesco team only recognised their mistake later... after hundreds of people had ordered the discounted iPad and the Web site's servers crashed.

"We always look to offer our customers unbeatable value but unfortunately this is an IT error that is now being corrected," a spokesperson was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

Twitter, meanwhile, was filled with tweets about the discounting error...

R E M E D Y<sup>TM ‏ @TheRemedyy "The Tesco Glitch Last Night Had People Orderin Ipads 4 £50. Did U Really Think That Would Go Unnoticed Arghh Cahm On"

Tim Sonenfield ‏ @tsonenfield "putting on new iPad as £50 - blaming IT glitch. Is £50 true costs it should be?"

Ju Vincent-Geoffrey ‏ @JulieVG64 "Tesco price glitch sees bargain-hunters snap up new iPad 3 for just £50 instead of £659"

Richey W ‏ @RicheyWright "Tesco Direct aren't honoring their £50 iPads glitch but they better honor the 50p vegetable samosas!"

According to ThisisMoney, price glitches in stores have included erroneous prices of 29p for Terry's Chocolate Oranges, 40p Aeros for 12p and bottles of Stella Artois beer for 24p, to name a few.