Pokemon X Y Series
The Pokemon Company

Pokemon fans have more reason to cheer now since a new pokemon has appeared in the Pokemon X and Y games.

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The new character is called Zygarde and happens to be a ground-dragon type Pokemon, which appears when the Kalos ecosystem is hit by trouble and chaos, according to a report from the Japanese website 4Gamer. It happens to have the highest possible damage causing ability against multiple opponents during combat.

Zygarde comes with several unique abilities, including Aura Break, which is used to reverse the effects of auras like the characteristic properties of Zeruneasu "Fairy Aura" or Iberutaru "dark aura."

Also worth noting is that by combining Dragon and Ground types together, the developers have made Zygarde the most powerful Pokemon ever created. Its move, Land's Wrath, can take out multiple foes in a single attack.

The introduction of this new character has led to speculation that the release of a purported Pokemon Z version of the game might be around the corner. This speculation originates from the developer's patterns of releasing games. For instance, along with Pokemon Red and Blue came Pokemon Yellow. After that, along with Pokemon Silver and Gold came Crystal. With Pokemon Black and White came the Black 2 and White 2 games.

If it does come out, Pokemon Z could bring along several improvements, notably new mega evolutions and maybe even new Pokémon.

There is no official information out on the purported Pokemon Z, but fans who are expecting it might not be disappointed.