American television actress Bella Thorne certainly knows how to drive her fans wild on social media. Continuing her personal tradition, Thorne on Friday (24 November) shared a racy photo on Instagram to show off her inked body.

The former Disney star shared her topless photo flaunting a new tattoo that reads "I love you" on her arm. The actress captioned the image saying "New lil tat. Guess what my other tat says it's on my hip," as she teased her 16 million followers of another tattoo she etched on her hip.

New lil tat 😍🐥 guess what my other tat says it's on my hip;)

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Most of her fans replied, "Bite me." "I'm guessing the one in your hip says to the moon and back," added another while a third one thought it must be "Hips don't lie". But many thought the photo is too suggestive to show off her new ink. "You have officially lost it," one social media user wrote. "Why is a girl I watched when I was 13 on Disney channel posing naked on Instagram?" added another.

Thorne is infamous for her controversial social media posts. From her bold hair colours to skimpy clothing and the tattoos, she never misses a chance to gain her fans attention for her "weird" style choices. "I'm the weirdest person ever," Thorne told Complex in June this year. "People meet me and they're like, 'Woah I've heard things about you—but you're, like, really weird."

The 20-year-old actress plays the character of Paige Townsend in the series Famous in Love. Based on the novel by Rebecca Serle, the series explores Paige's journey from a colleges student to an actress in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Thorne, who rose to fame with the Disney show Shake It Up, believes that she is more like her Famous in Love character Paige. "There is still some Paige in me. When I do very Hollywood stuff, or I'll go to a party that big shots are at, I'm like this deer that can barely walk on the ice. I'm like, 'Oh, hi. Oh, hello, so-and-so,'" she said.