Courtney Stodden is known for sharing body revealing posts on Instagram. But her recent social media post has left her fans worried. On 23 November, she shared a melancholic selfie on the image- sharing website.

In the photo, Stodden's eyes and nose look flushed as if she had been crying for long. "Devastated," she captioned it but chose not to divulge details about the reason she is sad. Soon the photo was flooded with comments from concerned fans. "Why are you crying?" one fan asked.

Some fans tried to cheer her up with uplifting messages. "You'll make it through, stronger than ever. Bad times are temporary. You're doing great," added one. Another worried fan wrote: Oh my god are you OK!!! Did someone hurt you? If they did please press charges. If you are feeling sad and blue remember they there are lots of people who love you and look up to you. I think you're a great person from looking at your posts and you deserve to be happy. If you ever need to talk to a complete strange."

Some internet users were apprehensive about her cryptic post and feared the reality star might take a drastic step and asked her to reach out for help if someone is hurting her. "It looks like you've got a black eye," said one Instagram user. "Someone needs to call for help she could be hurting herself!" wrote another.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant is known for sharing raunchy social media posts and has been tagged as an attention-seeker. Her emotional post failed to impress a few who thought she can't be "devastated" if she is taking a selfie. "Devastated? But you're taking a selfie," asked one.

"So devastated that you managed to take a selfie and post it, along with an attention seeking cryptic word. You need to get some help, you have needed it for years. Stop spending so much energy trying to be famous and seek some help," added another.

Tried to hide the sadness. Thanks for all of the love #thanksgiving

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On 24 November, she shared another selfie, but this time she wore makeup and a white boat-neck top. However, she continued to look sad and thanked all her fans for their support. She wrote: "Tried to hide the sadness. Thanks for all of the love."

It is not yet clear why the 23-year-old TV show host is sad. The last two years have been tumultuous for her as she lost her baby in a miscarriage in May 2016 and in February 2017 she announced her separation from husband Doug Hutchinson, 57.

Topless Courtney Stodden
Courtney Stodden has split from her much older husband in February this year Mike Windle/Getty