Police in New Orleans reported that 10 people have been shot and one man has died after gunfire broke out in the French Quarter.

On Sunday (27 November), two men were arrested at the scene, charged with illegally carrying firearms, New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison said. One of the men arrested was injured in the shootout.

"This is not something that should've happened," said Harrison in The Advocate, adding that there were "thirty or more (officers) in the block" as shots were fired.

"Very tragic, unacceptable set of circumstances," New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said at the scene. "Totally unacceptable. The violence continues to spin out of control."

At about 2.50 am on Saturday (26 November) morning local time, a male victim died of his injuries at the hospital, police confirmed. The victims included eight men and two women, ranging from 20 to 37- years-old, the Advocate reports. The condition of the surviving victims has not been released by authorities.

On Saturday, police tweeted that "10 victims were shot", according to The New York Times.

The New Orleans Police Department are continuing their investigations into the shooting which took place near the intersection of Bourbon and Iberville.

More to follow...