Early last week, the gaming industry and consumers were shocked when a leak apparently revealed the price of the PS5. This came shortly before Sony was slated to showcase a collection of games for its upcoming console. What caught people by surprise was the cost listed as approximately $760 for a 2TB model. This was quickly questioned by tech pundits who recalled the presentation of system lead architect Mark Cerny. The latter noted that the console's custom SSD is 825 GB in size. Now, a new listing suggests that its price is still above that of what many speculated.

The original leak was reportedly posted on Amazon.co.uk along with several placeholders for PS5 games. Shortly thereafter, a representative from the company confirmed that "this was an error" and that the item "was priced as a dummy product with a dummy price." Nevertheless, others claim that the price seems understandable for the model with bigger storage. However, some worry that it might be prohibitive for consumers.

A new pre-order listing, this time from another online retailer, indicated that the PS5 will remain an expensive investment for gamers. According to Push Square, Play-Asia initially posted the price as $699.99 with an estimated availability in December 2020. It was shortly removed, but the DualSense controller is still being listed at $79.99 as of this writing. Sony is yet to comment regarding the official pricing for its upcoming game system, but analysts believe it will be lower than what is circulating right now.

Another interesting aspect is the fact that there are two PS5 models announced last week. The second one offers a digital-only platform akin to that of Microsoft's Xbox One All-Digital Edition. As such, consumers expect it to be a cheaper option for those who prefer to own digital copies of games instead.

Sony unveils the PS5 and its accessories
It appears the contour of the stand should be able to interchangeably hold the console on its side or on its bottom. Photo: Sony

Meanwhile, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan confirmed that the company hopes to offer value over price. Most take it to mean that the PS5 will likely carry a premium price point upon its launch. On the other hand, despite its aggressive marketing push for the Xbox Series X, its rival has not revealed the pricing for the game system as well.