Nice airport was evacuated by the French Army after a suspicious bag was left abandoned in the terminal building just two days before the Euro 2016 match between England and Iceland. A terminal at the international airport was evacuated with claims of a small explosion taking place on 25 June.

As the airport was searched by specialist officers hundreds of passengers were sent outside the building with delays to some flights. On Monday 27 June Roy Hodgson's England team will play Iceland in the second round of Euro 2016 at the city's Stade de Nice stadium.

Among those told to get out the airport was Therese Rein, the wife of former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd, who posted to Twitter that she had been evacuated.

Several British and American travellers, in France to attend last week's Cannes Lions festival, were at the airport when the French army sprang into action.

One eyewitness told the Daily Mail: "There was the sound of a small explosion inside - the military is in there - it is believed they exploded luggage." Another said that they heard a small explosion: "We had to leave the airport. They were screaming at us in French to get out. Then there was the sound of a small explosion – like a pop."

Hundreds of football fans travelling to England's crunch game against Iceland were also said to be inconvenienced by the evacuation. News emerging from the city on France's sunny south coast, say that the airport has since reopened after the incident.

Earlier this month, on 11 June, a day before Northern Ireland's first game of the tournament against Poland the airport was evacuated after a security issue – thought to be a baggage problem. Terminal 1 was evacuated sparking fears for passengers travelling to Nice from Belfast International Airport although no long delays were reported.