Plane passengers screamed in terror as captain broke in to tears in air drama
Plane passengers screamed in terror as captain broke down in tears during air drama Getty

Passengers aboard a flight from Croatia to France flew into a panic after hearing the aircraft's weeping captain issue a crash warning when one of the plane's engines stopped working.

The mid-air terror took place onboard a French Boeing 737 Europe Airpost flight over Venice when the skipper suddenly announced the plane might have to ditch into the sea and explode.

Holidaymaker Benjamin Girard was onboard with his family when, he said, the captain's warning sparked "screaming" inside the cabin.

"It began soon after take-off when the pilot said we were about to fly into some turbulence," said Girard.

"Then people at the back of the plane said one engine had stopped working, and this was soon confirmed by the pilot."

Europe Airpost denied any panic had broken out following the captain's announcement. A spokesman said: "The flight from Split to Nantes experienced an incident with an engine.

"This was identified by the crew who took the decision to land in Venice and inform the passengers. It was a procedure practised by the crew, who landed the plane safely in Venice."