He resigned as leader of the Ukip party on Monday 4 July, but that may have been down to Nigel Farage's fresh calling as a reality television star in Celebrity Big Brother or a potential show titled 'Strictly Come Drinking.'

The divisive political figure stood down from his position after achieving his goal of getting Britain to leave the European Union, praising "the people's army of Ukip" in his resignation speech and famously claiming: "I want my life back."

Now, the pint-guzzling politician has contemplated taking part in the controversial Channel 5 reality show, CBB, on condition that it is a Brexit special where he can confront EU politicians such as Jean-Claude Juncker.

Farage, 52, told the Daily Star that he'd be "tempted" to step into the CBB house with EU members so that he could "mentally torture them" in a politicians-only special.

He told the publication: "I'm well-known for saying what I think and for not holding back on my opinions. So I think if I got into one of those situations it could be tricky."

"I would like to torture them mentally, slowly, for all the bad things they've done," he claimed.

As for now, Farage hasn't actually signed up or been offered to star in any reality shows. He continued: "But you never know. I'm hoping there could be a brand new programme called Strictly Come Drinking. I'd be very good at that one."

Farage quit as Ukip leader back in 2015 but returned to his post after just three days. This time, he says it is a permanent decision, citing in his official speech: "I was persuaded to come back for one reason, and that was to fight this referendum. I'm very pleased I changed my mind just over a year ago. I won't be changing my mind again, I can promise you."

His deputy Paul Nuttal and MEPs Diane James and Steven Woolfe are in the running to replace him.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage speaks during a press conference following the EU referendum Getty Images