Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have confirmed a 13 February release date for their upgraded New 3DS handheld system.

The announcement formed part of their first Nintendo direct broadcast of 2015.

The new consoles will be available in black and white in their standard size and metallic black and blue in the XL size.

Each screen on the standard version is 1.2 times larger and the console offers faster downloads, better glasses-free 3D, and the ability to attach customisable covers.

The New 3DS includes better quality screens, increased processing power, and a smaller second analogue stick. The console has already launched in Japan and Australia.

Twelve New 3DS covers will be sold at release, with more to follow. Two charging cradles will also be sold separately.

A special edition of the console to mark the release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will also be released on 13 February. A special Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask edition will also be released on the same day.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Nintendo 3DS Limited edition
The Monster Hunter special edition of the New 3DS. Nintendo