Nintendo has confirmed that it will be rolling out digital downloads of Wii games on its Wii U console, starting today (14 January).

Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be available at a discounted £8.99 later today for one week. Donkey Kong Country Returns will follow next week, followed by Metroid Prime Trilogy the week after that.

Each game's half price discount will last one week following its release, after which it will revert to £17.99.

Disc copies of Wii games have been playable on the console since launch, but Nintendo now have the capability to offer downloadable versions via eShop.

Future Wii games that will be made available include Kirby's Adventure and Punch Out.

Wii games playable with the Wii's Classic Controller will be playable with the Wii U's gamepad.

Nintendo's announcement video can be viewed below...