The impending arrival of Black Friday is already prompting consumers to prepare their shopping lists. On the gaming front, Sony and Microsoft are reportedly preparing impressive deals that will include both hardware and software. Meanwhile, Nintendo is as adamant as ever when it comes to pricing its hybrid console and accessories. Therefore, gamers are not likely going to see a big price drop on the Nintendo Switch anytime soon. However, owners who prefer digital copies for their games might look forward to the sale. Sources have confirmed that the European eShop will host a big sale soon.

While Black Friday is traditionally seen as the start of the holiday shopping cycle in the United States, its influence has started to flow into other territories. Retailers want to take advantage of the publicity the sale offers and its popularity among consumers worldwide. Even though Nintendo is more conservative when dealing with hardware discounts, game publishers are given more control over pricing their titles.

While it is rare to see notable price drops for first-party and blockbuster games, it seems European gamers have something good in store. The list begins with Nintendo's open-world adventure RPG "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" at 30 per cent off. Then there's the company mascot in Super Mario Odyssey with 30 per cent off as well. Out of the 11 games listed for the eShop sale, the biggest savings come from Bandai Namco's anime brawler "Dragon Ball FighterZ" at up to 70 per cent off as reported by GameSpot.

Gamers who prefer to have a physical copy of the game can also browse the catalogue from retailers such as GameStop, Target, Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon. Shoppers planning to own Nintendo's new platform can take advantage of Black Friday deals from local shops. For example, a "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" Switch bundle with screen protector is available from Best Buy.

For comparison, Kohl's is offering a more comprehensive package with the second-generation Nintendo Switch, a PowerA Joy-Con charging dock, and a carrying case for $320. Additionally, this comes with a$90 Kohl's Cash after purchase. Existing Switch owners can monitor the European eShop for more deals in the days leading up to Black Friday.

Nintendo Switch
A Nintendo Switch bearing Funky Kong, Mario in his tennis gear and Marth from the Fire Emblem games. Nintendo