There is no denying that growing sales numbers of the Nintendo Switch is putting it close to Sony's numbers. In fact, survey data shows the hybrid console has already outpaced Microsoft's Xbox One. Even though the game system remains in demand as of this writing, not everything about it is positive. This is due to the ongoing complaints related to the Joy-Con drift issue and how the manufacturer is responding to the fiasco. Now 60 Millions De Consommateurs has recognized it as the year's most fragile product.

The French consumer magazine awarded the title to the Japanese game system due to the various types of complaints submitted by owners. It seems that Joy-Con ghost movements are not the only problems indicated by reports. Last year, the publication already highlighted the gaming machine's sensitive nature. Owners whose Switches are no longer under warranty have pointed out the expensive costs of getting their Switches fixed, notes DualShockers.

Moreover, some owners who likely changed their mind after learning about the repair fees were shocked to learn about Nintendo charging them for shipping their consoles back. On top of Joy-Con drift, other reports have highlighted a host of other issues such as cracks on the housing, dead pixels, game cartridges not being recognized, and more. Hence, it appears that the magazine might be correct in its decision.

However, the most rampant problem continues to be the reliability of the left Joy-Con's analogue stick. This was initially speculated to be exclusive to older models but has been known to manifest also on the Switch Lite and even on the new version of the console. Nintendo's refusal to acknowledge the defect has led to a class-action lawsuit being filed a few months ago.

It is too early to know if the award listed by the French consumer magazine will affect sales, but the arrival of the next-generation systems might draw interest away from the Switch. Microsoft already revealed the Xbox Series X, while Sony is rumoured to launch the PlayStation 5 at the CES 2020 expo. Both game system will likely be on par when it comes to power and performance, but will attempt to outdo its rival with console exclusive titles.

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