For gamers, most of the buzz in 2019 was generally focused on the two-way battle between Sony and Microsoft. Both companies are due to release their respective next-generation game systems later this year. The Xbox Series X was the first one out of the gate despite its manufacturer's radio silence, but the PlayStation 5 is speculated to make its own grand entrance soon. Last week, a reliable analyst hinted that Nintendo is also developing a new console to make it a three-way competition in 2020. Now, the latest rumour is teasing more details surrounding the Switch Pro.

According to a recent report from Nintendo Life, consumers might see it released earlier than its rivals. Insiders claim that the company plans to begin production of the alleged Pro version of the Switch within the first quarter. The sources appear to be connected to the supply chain that produces components of the hybrid game system. The Japanese gaming company might be looking at a mid-2020 launch schedule.

In addition to the purported retail date, the Switch Pro might feature a more premium build quality than the existing models. It was implied that the material of choice for its housing would be magnesium, which is also being used by other high-end tech products. The lightweight but durable metal sounds like a beneficial choice given the versatile nature of the platform.

While the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are supposedly touting 8K-resolution support, Nintendo is reportedly aiming for 4K-resolution compatibility. Serkan Toto, the CEO of Tokyo-based consultancy company Kantan Games, predicts that the upcoming machine will pack more powerful components and bigger cartridge sizes. On top of the bumped up technical specifications, he likewise noted the possibility of an exclusive cross-platform functionality.

Furthermore, Toto pointed out that Microsoft and Nintendo have been successfully working together with multiplayer support between its respective current-generation game systems. Therefore, he believes it might lead to some Xbox-exclusive games to be ported over to the Switch Pro. These remain as speculation for now until an official communication from the manufacturer confirms otherwise. Currently, there are only two Switch models available: the Switch Lite and Switch V2.

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