A woman in Australia allegedly racially abused a Muslim student, who was wearing a full face veil or niqab, by calling her a "terrorist". The incident took place at Macquarie University in Sydney and is thought to have been recorded on a camera by the victim.

The video was shared on Facebook by a user named Ramzy Alamudi, who expressed shock over the incident. He said he was at the university, where his wife attends, to celebrate her completing final medical science degree on Friday (21 January) when a woman came towards their car demanding his wife to remove the niqab.

'Why have you got a mask," the unidentified woman reportedly asked.

"As we entered the car, my wife (who wears an Islamic veil - niqab) decides to smile politely and wave innocently at the lady assuming everything was good...This is where the entire situation just turned upside down," Alamudi wrote.

"The lady flips it...she blows up in a rage ... starts pointing at my wife and screaming 'F**k you! Take it off!!' (referring to my wife's veil)," he said.

"She then runs towards our car, and I urge my wife to lock her door and start recording if anything happens. The video will tell you the rest of the story...she pounds on my window and continues to hurl racial and discriminatory slurs at my wife. 'Take it off! You Muslim terrorist!'," he added.

Alamudi said he had to get out of the car to stop the woman after she started snapping the windscreen wipers of his car. A scuffle ensued between the two when he tried to calm her down and stop her from attacking his wife, Alamudi wrote on his Facebook post.

The security at the university had to reportedly intervene to stop them.

Media reports suggested that the incident was witnessed by a few who all expressed shock that the woman was physically attacking the man.

PLEASE WATCH!! Never in my life have I been unfortunate enough to witness such repulsive behavior from one human being to another.Getting in my car at a Macquarie University car park this afternoon I noticed an altercation between a man of middle eastern ethnicity and an Asian woman, pushing and shoving each other, both calling out for help. As myself and another bystander approach the two, we made the shocking discovery that this poor man was actually trying to fight off this woman from his wife, who was sitting inside their car behind him. This deranged woman had the nerve to attack his wife because of the burka she was dressed in, claiming she 'didn't feel safe' around people like her. She was demanding this man show her some form of ID, calling out that she didn't belong here, and that we shouldn't let her walk around freely because we didn't know what she could have hiding under her dress. The whole time this woman was having her rant, her baby was sitting in her unlocked car, meters from where she was hurling abuse. Yes, she had left her infant child in the car to run over and launch herself at an innocent couple minding their business.It makes me feel sick to know we coexist in a world where this happens so frequently, people thinking they have the right to belittle someone else because of their race or religion - to see what absolute shit some people actually have to deal with. Just listen to the garbage she kept repeating!!I'm sorry ma'am, in my opinion the only ones who don't 'belong' here are racist people like yourself who have the nerve to discriminate and abuse innocent people. That is as un-Australian as they come.First hand footage from the incident: https://www.facebook.com/ralamudi/posts/1387266844657903

Posted by Emily Grace Guff on Thursday, January 19, 2017

"As myself and another bystander approach the two, we made the shocking discovery that this poor man was actually trying to fight off this woman from his wife, who was sitting inside their car behind him," Emily Grace Guff, a witness who posted a video of the altercation, said.

She added that they heard the woman claiming she "didn't feel safe" surrounded by the covered Muslim woman.

IBTimes UK is unable to verify both the videos and whether the altercation took place because of racial provocation.

The Daily Telegraph reported the incident on Sunday (22 January) and said the woman, 35, was charged with common assault and for damaging property.

She was given a field court attendance notice to appear at a local court on 13 March.

Meanwhile, Alamudi said he wanted to share the video only "to identify racism/discrimination, not further it".

"Unfortunately, this type of Islamophobia isn't isolated to this one individual and incident. Rather, it is an overarching systematic issue in our society that continues to be bred by the propaganda of some media and some politicians. Dehumanizing Muslims. This is the problem," he wrote.

Muslim Woman Niqab
A Muslim student wearing a niqab or a full face veil was called her a 'terrorist' by a woman in a racially motivated attack at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia Reuters/Charles Platiau