Christina Milian, 32, is reportedly pregnant with Lil Wayne's baby, 31, and his ex-wife, Nivea, is far from impressed.

Nivea recently made it clear that she does not approve of Wayne and Milian's controversial relationship, as it confuses family ties.

The R&B singer took to Instagram to share her disapproval in a short post which was deleted soon after.

She said: "Ppl ppl ppl… It's actually hilarious that the 'offended' ones believe its 'cute' or 'ok' to confuse the Sh*t out of your kids. To not know about the history we already share, with kids as half siblings… nevermind, smh but u don't have to comment… duh."

Nivea, 32, was previously engaged to Lil Wayne back in 2002, and they had a son together before separating. She then married music producer, The-Dream in 2004 and had three children together, before also separating in 2007.

Lil Wayne, Nivea & The-Dream
Nivea [centre] has a son with Little Wayne [left] and three children with The-Dream [right], who has a daughter with Christina Millian, who is now dating Lil Wayne. Getty

Christina Milian married The-Dream in 2009 and they had a daughter, before divorcing shortly after.

Now Milian is dating Lil Wayne and is rumored to be pregnant – but according to Nivea, that would bring a lot of confusion into the kids' lives.

The-Dream, 36, also addressed the tangled dynamic during a recent interview with VLAD TV.

"I think that's what everybody was thinking when the news broke," The-Dream said. "Everybody was thinking of that, but supposedly Christina. She wasn't thinking of that at all. I have no idea how she could not be thinking of that".

Meanwhile, Milian has responded to her critics on social media by sharing a photo of the initials of the rap star's nick-name for her – "Tina & Tunechi" – shaved on her head and retweeted the quote: "Some people may hate it but F**k em".