The parents of 14-year-old Rhys Jones have been outraged by the fact that the insensitive teacher who nicknamed the disabled child "roadkill" faced no disciplinary measure. Jones survived a near-fatal car crash when he was eight-years-old, leaving him with lifelong disabilities.

Making light of the teen's unfortunate past, his teacher, Brian Jefferson, nicknamed him "roadkill." Even though the school changed the teen's timetable and tutor group to prevent interaction with Jefferson, the Jones family is upset that the teacher has retained his position of power in the school.

In July 2019, Jones took some time away from school after feeling unwell during the school's Race for Life fundraiser. When he returned to King Charles I School in Kidderminster, Worcs on July 15, his friends told him that Jefferson had asked them: "Where is roadkill today?"

On the same day, Jefferson greeted Jones by saying: "Nice to see you, roadkill." Jones' mother recalled that when he came home, he was very quiet and upset. Jones finally told his mother what the Director for Design and Computing at his school had nicknamed him.

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Student with disability after being in fatal car crash nicknamed "roadkill" by cruel teacher. iStock

Jones' parents were disturbed by the fact that a teacher could be so insensitive as to mock the child's life-altering accident. A formal complaint was lodged, following which the school claimed there was an investigation.

As a result of the complaint, the school issued an apology and staffing, curriculum, and timetables were altered to ensure that Jones was no longer taught by Jefferson. However, after the investigation, Jefferson was allowed to return to school. The Mirror reported that the teen often comes across Jefferson in the school, which causes him further distress. Jones' mother claims that Jones stopped being open about his medical issues after the incident.

In 2013, when Jones was eight, he was hit by a van that tossed him in the air before dragging him down the road for some distance. An air ambulance took Jones to Birmingham Children's Hospital where he was admitted with several severe injuries. Suffering internal bleeding, broken ribs, a broken femur, broken pelvis, broken spine, crushed hips, a crushed foot and haemothorax, Jones was in a critical state for days. Even after he recovered from his injuries, the crippling incident has left lifelong health problems requiring ongoing treatment.