Android L
Screenshot of Android L Developer Preview running on Nexus 4.

Android L is all that Android fans and fanatics have been talking about ever since Google unveiled it at the Google I/O developer conference. While only a few devices can preview the OS currently, others can get a taste of it, thanks to the latest Nova Launcher update, according to a new report.

The latest version of the launcher, which has been a long time favourite with Android users, offers tasters of Android L. It brings along several design elements that Google showcased previously. So for those of you who want to preview the visual improvements of Android L without a fuss, getting Nova launcher is a good option.

The launcher can be downloaded for free from Google's Play Store over here. For those of you who don't mind shelling out some money, there is also a Prime Option for $4. The paid version brings features like the ability to customise gestures, show unread counts above app icons, and hide apps. However, the good news is that users won't need the Prime version if they are just hoping to try out the Android L tasters.

Configuring Your Way into Android L

Once you have Nova Launcher installed and running, head over to the settings area. Choose Folder > Folder Preview > Line. This should give you Android L's uniform folder design.

Next, let us get the neat sliding animation from the preview. For this, navigate to Look And Feel > App Animation > Slide Up. The last change requires you to change your KitKat app drawer icon to the new white icon by tapping and holding it.

When given the option, click "Edit" and select the new icon from the "Built-in" tab.

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