Oculus Rift kit
Oculus has finally sorted out its shipping woes Oculus

Nearly four months after the Oculus Rift launched, Oculus has announced that it is finally pushing the last of its pre-order units out the door. A fresh supply of the virtual reality headsets are now ready to order for shipping within two to four business days, according to the company.

The Oculus Rift was meant to ship on 28 March and while a few lucky early birds received their headsets quickly, the majority found themselves on the receiving end of numerous delays.

In April, customers who had pre-ordered the Oculus Rift ahead of the official release date chronicled their frustration at having their shipping date repeatedly knocked back. Oculus blamed a component shortage and resolved to get units out to pre-order customers within four weeks of original estimates.

The HTC Vive was also hit with shipping problems after its 5 April launch, although these were mopped up more quickly and the headsets began shipping to customers without delay in June. A month later, it looks as if Oculus is finally back on track.

The company has issued an apology to patient customers on its official blog and says it is now focused on getting its Oculus Touch motion controllers out the door. These will function much like the HTC Vive's controllers by bringing more natural hand movements and gestures to Oculus' VR experience.

Touch will be launched later this year and Oculus plans to show off its motion controllers in action during its Oculus Connect 3 event in October, which takes place in San Jose, California.