Penguin Viral Video

A video of an unlikely Valentine's Day pairing has gone viral - starring a penguin totally smitten with her human keeper.

The penguin, 10-year-old Sakura, resides at the Matsue Vogel Park bird centre in Japan and is seen chasing around her carer Tsuyoshi Notsu in the brief but incredibly twee clip.

The video has been viewed on YouTube over 250,000 times, and the reaction is pretty unanimous. It is very, very cute.

Following the video, sales of stuffed penguins are expected to sky-rocket as Valentine's Day arrives (probably).

Apparently the penguin is so in love she won't let her carer near any of her penguin friends. Mr Notsu told The Independent: "I just want the penguins to be partners with each other."

You can watch the video below...