Once Upon A Time Season 4
Once Upon A Time Season 4 poster. Facebook/OnceUponATime

Once Upon A Time Season 4 will end with a major twist!

The executive producers teased that a major character will die by the season end.

The exact character who might die wasn't revealed by Eddy Kitsis, who created the show with Adam Horowitz.

"I hope so," Kitsis told Entertainment Weekly after being asked if there's a major character death this season.

The co-creators also revealed that they know roughly how the series will end.

"We have had our series end game from when we created the series. We have a road map, and we've allowed ourselves a lot of freedom, but it was never our intention to say, 'Here's exactly what we're going to do.' But we know where we're leading to," said Kitsis.

"And if you're asking whether we know what we'd like the last moment of the series to be, yes, we do," Horowitz added.

Season 3's finale featured the stunning death of Neal, Henry's father and Rumplestiltskin's son.

The producers also hinted at the possibility of Regina using light magic again, and the sorcerer's hat could be used to rewrite fate.

Last night's (2nd November) episode revealed the Snow Queen's attachment to Emma, while in flashback we discovered Belle's connection to Anna's disappearance.

After Emma shows everyone the videotape of the Snow Queen as her foster mother, the gang discovered files about her in her truck, dating back to when Swan first arrived in this realm as a newborn.

In the Arendelle of the past, Anna returned to the castle to find Elsa learning how to control her powers with the help of the Snow Queen, their aunt, Ingrid. But their aunt had evil plans for them.

When Anna asked what she wanted from them, Ingrid told her the truth – a family.

"For a brief moment I thought the three of us could be that family," Ingrid told her niece. "But you showed me that plan would never work. You have nothing in common with Elsa and me. You are the odd woman out. Now I suppose I have to find someone else to take your place."

Then it was revealed what Ingrid truly meant – she wanted to replace Anna with Emma. In an interesting twist another prophecy was revealed which said that the saviour would become Ingrid's sister.

Emma would never join Ingrid willingly, however the Snow Queen had a plan that would get her the family she desired – a magic mirror. The mirror was cast with a spell that could turn everyone in town to turn on each other until the only ones left were Ingrid, Elsa and Emma.

What will happen next?