It's been a quite a week for One Direction fans.

First there were the reports that Louis Tomlinson is set to become a father.

And while the One Direction singer's baby news sent Twitter into overdrive, it didn't stop there.

A Twitter troll – now blocked from the social networking site – "threatened to kill" Harry Styles in a twisted message with the hashtag #HarryBeCareful quickly trending

Ex-boyband singer Zayn Malik also sparked controversy when he had a public spat with former friend Naughty Boy, describing him as a "fat joke."

In an interview with The Sun on Sunday the music producer said: "I can deal with what he said but he knows the hate I've had to endure for him is the bit that upset me. Three months ago he was calling me his best friend at the Asian Awards so it's a bit sad."

If all that wasn't enough for the long-suffering Directioners, rumours have now surfaced that Liam Payne and girlfriend Sophia Smith are engaged.

While there has been no official confirmation that Liam has in fact put a ring on it, the hashtag #SophiamIsEngaged has been trending on Twitter.

The couple have been dating since 2013 and recently took a trip to Disney World this month.

Acknowledging the week of 1D revelations, Payne retweeted a fan's message which appeared to sum it all up well.

"Zayn: slays NB Harry: death threats Louis: becomes a dad Liam: gets engaged Niall: #SophiamIsEngaged"

The singer said: "I think this is my favorite tweet ever ahahahaha."

As another One Direction singer appears to be off the market, fans have started to tweeted their messages of congratulations.