While most of JK Rowling's fans are more than eager for her to get going on her writing and come up with some new books, there seems to be one little guy doing his very best to keep her from working.

The Harry Potter author shared an adorable series of tweets about a spider that spins webs around the handles of her writing room doors, despite Rowling getting rid of them each day.

"Every single morning for the past few weeks I've had to break a cobweb to get through my writing room doors and I have so many questions," she wrote alongside a photo of the spider web that she shared on Twitter.

While her character Ron Weasley (who happens to be afraid of spiders) may have been less than pleased to see the daily web, the 52-year-old managed to spin the arachnid's daily visit into something of a discussion on the insect's psyche (and her own).

"Every morning, I sit down thinking about the web I've just broken. That is the spider's bleak victory," she added on her social media account. "Does it, on some subconscious level, seek failure? Or is it sending a message about persistence in the face of overwhelming odds?

"Is it the same spider? Why is it never there when I turn up? Has it not noticed that webs woven between these handles never survive?" she continued to ponder.

Fans of the author were quick to react to the musings, and like this reporter, immediately turned to the Potterverse for a connection to Ron and Hagrid's Acromantula Aragog.

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