Released in August 2015, the OnePlus 2 and its functions are still quite new to users. While some have been enjoying the handset for a while now, others are still expecting delivery of the device. Recently, its manufacturer announced that the invites reservation list will be closed on 22 October. Even then there are ways one can get the invites for the phone.

If you have a newly-purchased phone and are curious to know its functions, following is a guide. It basically deals with fixes for common problems users have been reporting for a while, starting from fingerprint to camera.

Homescreen and fingerprint sensors

Like its predecessor, the home button of the OnePlus 2 also exhibits unresponsiveness at times. This occurs when you hold the phone with one hand along the metal frame, and when it is placed on the table. Try not touching the metal frame, and also try using a case for the phone.

As the home button incorporates an embedded fingerprint sensor, the fingerprint scanner has the same issue. The unresponsiveness could be due to the grounding issue, which is expected to be fixed in a future OTA update. Additionally, as part of the fix, try turning off the gestures.

Instead of the capacitive home button, use on-screen navigation buttons. The fingerprint seems to be working normal when using the on-screen keys.
Dual SIM issues

Although the dual SIM option is quite helpful for those who travel, some have reported facing issues switching between the two SIMs. Also, the phone does not show the primary carrier network in the notification bar some times. Note that the phone always uses the primary network while making calls or using cellular data.

Again, this is not a major problem and at the most a software update should be enough to get it resolved. Some users have reported that a restart is helpful if you are having issues when switching between the SIMs. This is nothing but a software bug and is expected to be resolved soon.

Clear All buttons from recents disappeared

The Clear All option, which usually appears as X at the right hand corner, seems to have disappeared. Some noticed this change after updating to Oxygen OS 2.1, whereas others have been encountering the problem on the older version 2.0.2. This should be treated as a software bug, which OnePlus, hopefully fixes through future updates.

This problem could be due to the Google app. Head over to the Play Store and get the updated version of the app.

If you find the Google app to be the main culprit, just go to Applications under the Settings menu to find the app. Then tap Force Stop and Clear Cache. Finally, disable the app and enable it back.
Alternatively, boot the OnePlus 2 into Safe Mode and then reboot it into normal mode. Performing this seems to have fixed the problem but some users have observed that the Clear All button disappears again after 2-3 days, which means you need to repeat the above process again.

Camera issues

Some users found that the camera does not work when the flash is on. This issue has cropped up after the latest Oxygen OS update. Moreover, the screen of the phone goes blank and it fails to click a photo and if a photo is clicked, the device locks up right after this and you need to unlock the phone to view the photo from gallery.

This issue happens with the stock camera app only, so consider installing a third-party camera app, like Google Camera. Wiping the cache partition is also helpful in a situation like this. In case the issue remains even after wiping cache, perform a factory reset.

Phonebook sync issue

A limited number of users have found difficulty while connecting their phone to car. Even though the phone connects with audio calls and music works fine, the phonebook does not sync with the car. If you are not among them, for whom the Oxygen OS 2.1 has fixed the issue, download the Bluetooth Phonebook app from the Play Store. But first check out the compatibility with the trial version, which shows the whether the sync of the app is working before downloading the paid version.

Fixes for Wi-Fi issues

• Turn off your router, then wait for a while and then turn it back again.
• On your phone, go toWi-Fi settings and then get the preferred network. Wait for a few seconds and then enter the details again.
• Navigate to Settings and disable the Power Saving mode.
• Check out the MAC address of the phone from Settings>> About phone in order to ensure that the phone is recognised by the router.

Fixes for Bluetooth

• Turn the Bluetooth off and then turn it on back again.
• Clear the Bluetooth cache by going to its Settings.
• Restart the phone once you have cleared the cache.
• Try deleting the old and unused connections and then set up the connection all over again.

How to do soft reset

• Go to Settings app
• From there, scroll down to Backup and Reset
• Tap on Factory data reset
• Select Reset phone
• Tap on Erase everything
• Your phone will reboot now.

How to do hard reset
• Press the Power button for a few seconds to switch off the phone
• Press the Volume button to turn it on again
• Release the Volume buttons when the phone vibrates
• Your phone will now enter Recovery mode
• Select Wipe Cache Partitions using the Power button
• A pop-up message will appear saying Cache wipe complete (Using these steps you can do Wipe Cache Partition)
• Choose Wipe Data/Factory reset
• The phone will now reboot

How to boot into Safe mode

• Power off the phone
• Press and hold the Power button until the phone boots up
• Once it starts loading, press both the Volume Up and Down buttons together
• Unlock your phone when you get prompts to do so.

Via Android Authority