The manufacturer of OnePlus 2 says that it will no longer take invites for the reservation list of the smartphone starting 22 October. But those who have already enrolled will receive their orders according to the rollout of the invites that usually happens in a chronological manner depending on the place you belong to.

OnePlus further made it clear that the reservation list number, for those who have already signed up, will be locked from 22 October. Hence you will not be able to move yourself up the list by sharing your link.

The company claims to have received some five million invites for the handset. "We were absolutely thrilled by the volume of excitement for the OnePlus 2. While we appreciate all your support and enthusiasm all things must come to an end eventually. And so, it is time for us to sunset the reservation list, and start fulfilling it," adds OnePlus in a blog post.

Nevertheless, there are still ways through which you can get an invite to purchase the handset. Those who purchase the device from will be receiving shareable invites shortly, which they can share with people they know, and help them in buying the OnePlus 2. Also try to keep a tab on social media channels of the company, where it will give away invites in huge numbers, although OnePlus failed to mention when that will happen.