OnePlus 5
OnePlus owners are reportedly suffering through yet another irritating bug. OnePlus

A recent update intended to fix a horrifying bug causing OnePlus 5 smartphones to reboot when calling emergency numbers has left some users with even more headaches, with the 'flagship killer' now appearing to inexplicably kill off its own battery life as a result of the hotfix.

Numerous OnePlus 5 users have posted on the Shenzhen-based Chinese manufacturer's official forums citing extreme battery drain, particularly when left off charge after going to bed.

One user noted that they had woken up in the morning and was shocked to see that their device had dropped around 20-25% of its total charge while on standby.

Others implied that the battery drain issue was even more severe and could be tied to an existing issue causing the Wi-Fi to continue scanning for connections while the phone is idle.

OnePlus has yet to formally acknowledge the veracity of the alleged bug, while some users noted that their battery life has remained the same after the recent update.

In a response to a query on Twitter, OnePlus support sent the steps below, which some users have suggested does help in some cases:

"1) Power OFF the device, hold the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously for 15-20 secs to enter the Recovery screen

2) Select the Language as per your convenience

3) Select "Wipe data and cache" option

4) Then Select "Wipe Cache"

5) Now "Reboot""

Unfortunately not all of the forum posts confirm that this process is a reliable fix, with several posting screenshots still showing their phone's poor battery performance after the "911 fix". Recent reports have pointed to incoming battery enhancements for OnePlus' powerful flagship, so users experiencing similar issues may find it worth waiting for an official fix.

IBTimes UK has been in contact with a OnePlus representative and is waiting on an official statement regarding the alleged bug. The forum post itself is no longer available on OnePlus' website.

Should you be suffering from any issues, users can also send OnePlus an email at "".